A social historian, professor, and life coach, Katherine Arnup has written books and articles on marriage, motherhood, child rearing, and divorce.   Her latest book “I don’t have time for this!” is a beautifully written, deeply personal book in which she tackles the last taboo – death itself.  Author of the award-winning book, Education for Motherhood, a history of advice for mothers, and editor of Lesbian Parenting, the first book on lesbian families in Canada, she has pioneered studies on the diversity and complexity of family life.


She is a recognized expert writing and speaking on issues related to loss, aging and dying and its impact on families and communities.  Her most recent scholarly publication was Death, Dying and Canadian Families, published by the Vanier Institute of the Family.

As a certified professional coach, Katherine focuses on helping people through all sorts of transitions

Katherine has felt loss and its impact first-hand.  Despite a profound fear of death, she became her sister’s caregiver, confidante, and advocate when she was dying of cancer at the age of 51. The experience was life-changing – Katherine recognized the importance of being present and showing up for the more challenging experiences of life.  The loss of her sister led to hospice training and volunteering each week for more than a decade at a residential hospice.   Katherine has sat with countless families and friends as they experience the sadness and struggle of losing loved ones.  She is a passionate advocate for providing dignified and caring support for dying people and their families.

Katherine has been a university drop-out, a hippie, a grade one teacher, a graduate student, a university professor and a VCCA fellow.   She is a family caregiver, a mother, a grandmother, a Buddhist, a late-in-life wife, a guitar player, and a recent convert to the ukulele.  She lives with her partner in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, Ontario.